Workplace Wellbeing

The pressure has never been greater to perform well and productively in the workplace. Often for long hours and/or the demands of working from home or remotely. And that is sometimes at the cost of your staff’s personal wellbeing. I specialise in working with individuals and small businesses to establish a customised wellbeing programme for employees at all levels.

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While we all want our organisations to be great places to work, filled with healthy, engaged colleagues excited to turn up on Monday mornings, the reality can be very different. Increased absence rates, high staff turnover, frustration from working from home or blended working and lower levels of productivity are just a few of the tell-tale signs that all is not well with your workforce. This is where I can help with my specialised 5 pilar PERMA (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning and accomplishment) profiling system.

Workplace wellbeing package

I can adapt to any size business or any working environment. All sessions are in complete confidence.

I can offer as few or as many sessions as you feel would be useful to your employees, but the three session package – an initial lifestyle assessment followed by two full coaching hours on Zoom - works well for the majority of my clients, who run or work in small to medium sized businesses.

This includes my own, unique, lifestyle questionnaire sent to each employee, followed by a customised assessment which will be discussed during an initial one hour Zoom session. A personalised wellbeing programme will then be sent to each employee.

A follow up Zoom session to discuss and agree on the recommended lifestyle suggestions, will help refine the results and advise on the potential wellbeing benefits and practicalities of each recommendation.

A final Zoom session will review how successfully the suggested changes have been implemented and offer specialised guidance and advice for each employee moving forward.

Top up reviews are also available on request.


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