Couples Counselling

Nearly all couples go through difficult times. Whether you recognise that there are issues in your relationship or simply feel that something ‘isn’t quite right’, I offer a customised six-session package, enabling you to repair and rescue your relationship wherever possible.

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Couples counselling package

Six separate full coaching hours (60 minutes each) either in person in my private Hove counselling rooms or via Zoom, including customised recommendations and email follow up.

These sessions are usually fortnightly or all within a three-month period and depending on your situation, the sessions are likely to include both time with you as a couple as well as individual sessions.

After the six sessions have finished, many of my couples like to have a ‘top up’ session from time to time, where they can check in with me if any issues arise or simply to reassure themselves that they are still on track.

All ages, genders and sexual orientations are welcome.

Please contact me on [email protected] for session fees.

Fully covered by professional indemnity and personal liability insurance, all sessions are in strict confidence.

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  • Do you have unresolved concerns in your relationship?
  • Do you recognise that something is wrong or that your relationship doesn’t feel quite right?
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