Pre-marital Counselling

Marriage is the biggest step you can take as a couple and it’s key that your values, aspirations and lifestyles are fully compatible. Some couples have issues that they are aware of, while others feel they need a pre-marriage MOT. I can help with both. These sessions work equally well if you are planning to move in together – or are already co-habiting - rather than getting married.

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Pre-marital coaching packages

Pre-marital counselling is a therapy which helps to prepare you mentally for marriage or living together. The counselling helps to make sure that you and your partner can have a strong and healthy relationship throughout your life.

Some couples need just a few sessions to help them sort out any issues of concern while others need ongoing counselling in the run up to their wedding.

Please contact me on [email protected] and I will guide you towards the ideal number of sessions for you.

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  • Do you share the same values – from money and conflict resolution to intimacy and your views on having children?
  • Do you have some doubts, however seemingly inconsequential, about getting married or moving in together?
  • Do you have any questions about your independence and your role in your forthcoming marriage?