I’m getting married in October! I just wanted to say thanks for getting me over the slump I would otherwise have been at precisely the time I met Paul and maybe you can offer my story up as a bit of encouragement to those who may think that their situation is hopeless –it doesn’t get a lot more discouraging than mine was a year ago!

Clear-headed and straight to the point; with Jo’s guidance on my second coaching session I managed to approach a total stranger and much to my surprise the world didn’t fall on my head! I’m meeting her for our third date tomorrow.

Jo’s advice is the best in the business. I can honestly say that her fee is the single most significant item of expenditure that I have ever made.

Jo, you’re a star! You’ve gave me my confidence back and your blend of practical and emotional advice was invaluable. Thanks to your guidance, I’m three months into a great relationship!

I met Jo a couple of months after a long and excruciating break-up from a long-term relationship. Needless to say, my confidence was shattered and I was very confused about my ability to enjoy positive romantic experiences any time soon. Jo helped me regain focus and get rid of some nonsensical misconceptions about dating and about the kind of guy I am. Her encouragement, experience and common sense made a big difference to how things were going. With some positive work invested on my side, I soon saw major shifts in how things were working out for me, finding myself enjoying the company of some remarkable women, previously believed “out of my league”. I’ve never felt so positive about the future of my dating life. No matter what your baggage is, Jo can help you make a big step towards the love life you hope for.

Thank you for your fabulous contribution to ‘Big Brother’. You have been an absolute joy to work with.
Kelly Briggs, Series Producer
Big Brother

Amazon Customer Reviews for ‘Be Your Own Dating Coach’:

I’ve never purchased a self-help guide of any description nor had I any intentions of doing so until I saw this book. To be honest I’ve also never felt the need to write a review for a book until now. Any one who has been stuck in a love-less relationship and is frightened of getting out can now do so because this book gives you the confidence to take control. The author Jo Hemmings, manages to give guidance without preaching and really seems to know all the pit-falls and how to deal with them. This book has made me feel empowered and has given me the confidence to get out there! Thank you Jo Hemmings!